It can be difficult to decide what to eat before and after a workout, but it is worthwhile. What you choose to put in your mouth as a pre-workout snack is critical. If you’re going to put your body through its paces, you need first feed it with good nourishment. No, I’m not referring to pre-workout pills. I’m referring to genuine, delectable meals and snacks. The kinds of things you’d eat anyway—and will love even more now that you know they’ll help you attain your fitness goals. So, here are the best snacks for pre-workout chosen by coaches that you should know.

Of course, what you eat after a workout is as crucial. Indeed, replenishing after exercise provides your body with the nutrients it requires to recuperate from the exertion and aids in the development of larger, stronger muscles.

That is, being mindful of what you eat before and after exercising can help you get the most out of all your hard work at the gym. So, what’s the ideal pre-exercise snack? What should you eat after a workout? As a certified dietitian, I recommend the following meals and snacks. Consider them an essential component of your training strategy.

Best snacks for pre-workout by coach’s choice

Blueberry overnight oats

There are few things easier for Coach Kendall “Woody” Wood than grab-and-go overnight oats. “It’s an excellent supply of slow-digesting carbohydrates that energizes me without weighing me down.” “I can eat this and work out in 15 minutes.” MUSH Blueberry Overnight Oats are her fave. “[It] tastes fantastic, and five ounces is the ideal portion size,” she says. You may, however, prepare your own using Coach Gabby’s recipe below. To power up, simply reduce or eliminate the protein powder.

Protein shake with easy digestion

“In the blender, I combine goat whey protein, cinnamon, vanilla, water, and ice cubes for a quick pre-workout boost,” explains Coach Liz Letchford, Ph.D. “I prefer goat whey over other varieties since it has a good amino acid profile and is easier to digest.” The amino acid composition of my snacks is critical in assisting with the repair process following any muscle damage caused by a strong lift.”

Peanut butter rice cake

A crispy peanut butter rice cake is one of Coach Jared‘s favorite snacks. While it may be eaten on its own (particularly if you don’t have much time before your workout), he loves to accompany it with oatmeal. “I eat them both together,” he explains. “I prefer to eat this in the morning since it gives me energy and muscle-building protein.” I’m always satisfied without feeling heavy or sluggish. Steel-cut oats, almond milk or water, and fresh berries are my favorites. Combine a rice cake with organic peanut butter. Then it’s game on.”

Matcha and a banana

“A banana is my favorite pre-workout snack.” “It’s straightforward yet effective,” explains Coach Nicolette Amarillas. “I like something that won’t fill me up before a workout but has enough carbohydrates and sugar to give me energy,” I add almond or pecan butter if I need more calories or am hungry than usual. When I have a heavy lift day and need a pick-me-up, I reach for matcha. Matcha’s caffeine offers me less jittery energy than caffeinated espresso, and it doesn’t keep me up at night.”

Sandwich with lettuce

“I enjoy this because it allows me to have a sandwich while simultaneously crossing the ‘eat your greens’ notion off the list,” adds Coach Jared Rodriguez, who swaps hummus for mayo as his spread of choice. “I don’t have that unpleasant sensation of food in my stomach when I’m trying to concentrate on training.” This food digests quickly in my body, leaving me feeling light but well-fed. Crunchy, delicious, and a little messy—exactly how I like it.”


These are some best snacks for pre-workout followed by fitness coaches that are very helpful for everyone who wants to get in shape. If you like it, enjoy more Motherofcoupons for lots of food advice.




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