The 5 Best Websites To Rent Houses

The global is becoming more digital, with approximately 77 percent of United States owning a smartphone, it’s nothing strange why the adolescents age are omit traditional marketing, for instants, signboard or newspaper ads, for online campaigns, online buying, cars buying, online rent for housing..etc.
As renters keep on using their smartphone and social network for posting rental houses, you can find the best websites to find rental homes on large online rental marketplaces and best rental roll sites to add your property.

A posting is just as good as its ability to attract the attention of your property, so when you pick one or more sites from the sum up table below, let’s watch some tips on how to look for houses on sites.

Top Sites to List Your Rental Property

top listing websites for rental properties

The best house rental sites allow you to find various methods, based on many criterias. For instance, you might care about a specific ZIP code or just want to see a house with at least two bedrooms. Even some sites let you look for particular accommodations, as a washer and dryer or a balcony.

1. MLS

One of the best websites to find rental homes is MLS. There are many listing services on that site. It originally started more than 50 years ago as a connecting tool for real estate agents, but today it is an online database of houses for both sale and rent. On the other hand, the MLS is a nexus network of 700 zone databases, so it’s good for you when you search the one where you’re living. You are able to get there through the real asset section of a town’s site, for instance,, or through a website, such as Latter & Blum.

2. Zillow

It was officially launched in 2006, Zillo is a property market map-based real between linking renters and landlords, home buyers and sellers as well. You can look for by city or ZIP code and narrow the results based on a wide range of criteria – such as the amount of bathrooms, acreage rooms, and when the home was built. You can also look directly in the map, zooming to look exactly where each property is located and what’s around.

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3. Craigslist

A great starting point can be Craigslist, But be sure to keep a strict watch. This open marketplace for all things from jobs to service allows free posting without ads. Have a meeting with the real estate landlord in real life, let your friend tour the property, and ask many questions. Make sure that you have a written lease if you decide to rent the house.

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4. PadMapper

The other best website to find rental homes is PadMapper. This site is based on a map that lists tools, quite intuitive and simple to use. It lists many apartments and rooms for renting, so you’re going to need the filters and click on ” house”. By default, this tool also shows Airbnb properties, if you don’t like this tool, you can hide it.

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This site primarily focuses on homes for sale, it’s But it also a lot of rental listing. This site is a good supplement because the listings are quietly detailed with much information about homes.

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