Wordle sparked a tremendous internet boom upon its introduction, and it continues to dominate our social media posts to this day. Not alone has the game’s puzzle-solving premise created such a surge in popularity. It is about the common experience that occurs on a global scale. Everyone strives to answer the daily word problem and then brags or rants about their findings, as they all share a similar experience. This is why Wordle is such a strong game; it inspires plenty of discussions everywhere you go while simultaneously being an engaging game with easy rules. If you haven’t known about this game, here’s how to play Wordle for you.

About the game

Wordle is one of the world’s most popular online word games. The New York Times owns Wordle, which has a large fan base. It’s free, so it’s ideal for lazy days when you want to curl up on the sofa and play a fast game or two.

Wordle is a fresh, entertaining, and engaging software that provides a daily problem to predict a five-letter word in six chances. It arrives with words every day, and individuals use it to compete with their winning streaks.

Wordle is the most engaging word puzzle available, and it has quickly become a favorite among word enthusiasts. It is a free online game that anybody may play.

Besides, it becomes an unusual word game that exists, and it has a few unique qualities that make it the favorite in the race.

A user can only play one puzzle each day.

Every day at midnight in your current time zone, the daily Wordle is reset.

Every day, every Wordle user solves the same puzzle.

Users may post the game on social media without giving away the solution.

How to play Wordle

Everyone has a different way of approaching that initial blank grid of squares. Choosing a term with a lot of vowels as your initial guess is a good strategy; as you rule out the various vowels, the word options reduce dramatically (and no, I am not telling you my secret starting word). Enter your word and press “Enter.”

Letters in the word that are in the proper location will change green, letters in the word but a different spot will be yellow, and letters that are not in the word of the day will be gray. It’s worth noting that a green or yellow letter might occur more than once in a word — for example, if you receive one green “a,” there could be another “a” somewhere else in the word — but you won’t know until you play the following word. And no phony words are permitted; for example, entering AEIOU will result in a “Not in word list” notice from the game.

The keyboard in the screenshot below shows letters you’ve guessed incorrectly (that is, letters that aren’t in the word) in dark gray or black and letters you haven’t guessed yet in light gray. When all of the letters become green (and a comment like “Impressive” appears), you’ve won.



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