The handmade or homemade crafts community has expanded from a little niche to a full-fledged sector in recent years. Craft websites such as Etsy have paved the road for various sorts of producers to sell and advertise their wares to a worldwide audience online. Here is a list of places to sell handmade products online.


“Join a creative marketplace where more than 33 million purchasers worldwide spent more than $3 billion last year,” says the pitch.

Who should use it: You’ve probably heard of Etsy, whether you’re a small- or large-scale entrepreneur. Etsy’s creative marketplace, which has over 1.6 million sellers, is ideal for craftsmen who do not have their website or who like to limit the number of sales they make each month.

With Etsy’s “vacation mode,” merchants have complete control over when and how frequently buyers may buy from their store.

Handmade Amazon

“Sell your one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items to our hundreds of millions of buyers worldwide,” says the pitch.

Who should use it: Artists who already sell on Amazon will find the transfer to the Handmade platform particularly simple. Those who do not currently sell on the mega-site, however, have the option to get their items in front of a wide audience.

Amazon’s global reach is difficult to match, with over 250 million consumers. Artists that pick Handmade Amazon do so because of the assistance and platform provided. It’s also worth mentioning that there is presently an application procedure for merchants to join; accepted merchants will be notified within 48 hours.


Cratejoy‘s Marketplace helps subscription box businesses discover members in their specialty, and we work hard to locate excellent subscribers for you,” says the pitch.

Who it’s excellent for: Makers and craftspeople looking for recurring revenue can look at the subscription commerce model.

A monthly subscription box is a terrific method to establish a community around your consumers if you frequently generate new things (or have a killer inventory).

Every month, Cratejoy’s marketplace attracts over 500,000 subscribers and is the only marketplace dedicated to subscription boxes.


“Join 57,444 other artists, craftspeople, and antique collectors in earning exposure to millions of customers from all over the world,” says the pitch.

Who it’s excellent for Zibbet appeals to sellers by offering “no listing costs, no sales fees, and a free membership.” So, if you’re looking to sell your art or handcrafted items, this low-risk platform might be ideal.

Zibbet, which is home to over 50,000 independent creatives, provides one-of-a-kind things that you’ll be happy to sell alongside.


Folksy is a marketplace where you can purchase and sell handcrafted or designed products from UK designer-makers.”

Who it’s excellent for Folksy caters, particularly to British artists and craftspeople.

So, if you’re a vendor from England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, Folksy could be a better fit for your products.

Hyena Cart

“Eco-friendly and handcrafted things for you and your family,” says the pitch.

Who it’s excellent for: Are your handcrafted crafts and commodities explicitly designed to be green or eco-friendly? The good news is that Hyena Cart’s natural-focused marketplace may be a good fit for your items.

Hyena Cart, on the other hand, focuses on babies and children’s things. So keep in mind exactly what you’re selling and who your eco-friendly marketplace is aimed at.


“Our Handmade-only Marketplace is for authentic artists and artisans,” says the pitch.

Who it’s excellent for iCraft is a global craft marketplace that promotes gift-centric categories and collections such as “Gifts for Her,” “Wedding Gifts,” and other opportunities. If your crafts and handcrafted items are more geared toward gift buying, iCraft may be worth a look.


These are some places to sell handmade products online for you to start your business. If you like this post and want to know more about online resources, visit Motherofcoupons right now!

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